About your Photoshoot in Istanbul :

What should I/we wear for the photoshoot in Istanbul ?

Dressed up or casual, that's the real question ! Well, it's really up to you, but as a photographer, both are working for us ! Check some pictures of photoshoots in Istanbul in the portfolio , and choose what inspires you the most.
If possible, avoid stripes & checked patterns.
Also, in case of night shots in Istanbul, I would not recommend 'all dark' or 'all black' clothes.


When do I need to pay for the photoshoot ?

Once we agree on a date, time and itinerary for our photo session, Enough for us to confirm your booking  in my agenda.
Then we get payment at the end of photo session.


What happens if it rains on the day of our photoshoot in Istanbul ?

We always check the weather in Istanbul carefully during the previous days before the photoshoot, and we always try to reschedule (before or after the original date) and find an alternative date in case of rain, given your and my schedule.

At the same time, some light rain or showers here and there can sometimes be the good excuse for an empty Istanbul. Plus it is easy to find some covered alleys, galleries, passages, etc. in Istanbul. And what is more romantic than a couple under an umbrella ?

Are there additional charges to receive the digital image files in high resolution from the photoshoot ?


What can I do with the digital images of my photoshoot in Istanbul ?

Watch. Share. Print. Everything you'd like !

Still have more questions ?

Send us an email ! :)

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